Willie is fantastic at what he does! His wealth of knowledge and experience allows him to provide a sympathetic yet professional approach. I know he would make anyone feel at ease. Highly recommend!

Angela McK.



Willie Nicol is professional and a true gent. I have been fortunate enough to have NLP with him and he helped me gain direction and confidence in myself to pursue my dream. He remains a good supportive friend and “listener”. I would recommend Willie to anyone who wants to make changes and move forward in their life. Tears flowed but that release was phenomenal….. made a space in my head for more productive thinking 🙂 Thanks Willie

Rosy McNaught-Wilson



I was a bit emotional after my sessions with Willie (which he told me was completely normal) but I also felt a lot more relaxed too. He got in touch with me after the sessions to see how I was doing and to offer extra help but only if I felt I needed it.

Alison G. 



I met with Willie for some sessions with regards to dealing with some issues I had in my life.
From the first moment I met with him he was very professional and was brilliant at making me feel at ease. I have had lots of issues around doing exams, and once I explained this to Willie, he talked me through what sort of therapy he thought would help me be able to deal with exams and all the stresses.

The difference I have felt since having my sessions and facing the exams have been fantastic! For the first time ever I walked into all the exams and I felt confident, happy and perfectly prepared to sit down and complete the exams without panic, hesitation, lack of confidence and being a bag full of nerves!

I honestly cannot think of anyone else who I would recommend to help you in any areas of your life! If you need any help then this is the man to help you!
The name says it all “Contentment Life Coaching”.
I’m definitely happy and content after our sessions, and it’s all thanks to you Willie!

Gill Smith     



Willie and myself arranged to meet for a coffee and a chat. Willie explained about himself and how he came about doing what he now does. I felt very relaxed in his company, never having met him before. No awkwardness, nothing, the banter just flowed which put me at ease.

I decided to book a block of meetings, where I chose to meet Willie at his office for this. The therapy was done in a very welcoming relaxed, comfortable room. (I could have fallen asleep)
The therapy itself was very relaxing, very professionally done. My “things” that I had issues with – in a very short space of time I noticed a significant change.

I continue to do well, I feel better, I feel more zest in me, all round everything is good. I couldn’t have achieved this without the help of Willie. I can’t sing his praises higher.
For professional, relaxed and friendly help, I would recommend anyone to let Willie deal with and help you with your “things”.     A+++ !

Alison Austin                                      



I recently went to see Willie as I was feeling anxious and worried about a lot of things in my day to day life – especially about getting back out dating.
I have to admit I did feel daft about taking to someone about this but he made me feel relaxed instantly.

Willie asked me some questions that I had to answer with the first thing that appeared in my head. This made me realise that my feelings of anxiety were actually very small. At first they had felt valid but I’d them blown way out of proportion.

During a session of NLP and Hypnotherapy, I’m sure he talked to me some more but at the end I didn’t recall much! However, I do know that the thought of getting back out there didn’t fill me with dread any longer. I felt more aware of myself and much less anxious.

Altogether Willie helped me realise I’m worthy of anything I want in my life and, since working with him, my anxiety levels are practically nothing.

I would highly recommend Willie if you need help with anything. Even if you think it’s nothing, it’s amazing how someone can help open up your mind and make a big difference in your life. 

Thanks again Willie.

Fleur Warner



I highly recommend spending time with Willie. Even with an initial pessimistic view of ‘Life Coaching’ and how Willie could help, it was soon clear that he was able to support me.

After spending time together, I was able to view certain aspects of my life and situations differently. Willie helped me recognise I was able to react in different ways that resulted in a more positive outcome.

What you learn and recognise together can help you straight away and longer term. It’s really worthwhile investing this time in yourself.

Iain McGregor 



Willie very kindly came along to give a bit of a training session to a team of colleagues, based around confidence building with a view to public speaking. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session, with one colleague (the most stressed and lacking in confidence!) having a great interactive role and seeing some fantastic new ways to look at these situations.

What we needed help with was not entirely within Willie’s remit, however he came to see us as requested and was absolutely fantastic. Thank you Willie for your help!

Maisie McCormick

Beatson Cancer Care

Community Fundraising Manager     



Due to the sessions with Willie Nicol I have experienced a journey from the bottom to a wonderful place where I am today. He helped me to believe in myself and my abilities again, so I can become the best version of myself. I was very fortunate to meet Willie when I got stuck. I can recommend him to everyone who needs to “get back on track” and is willing to do what it takes!

Kate Barbour           



Really enjoyed my time with Willie – he has a way of saying it like it is, but you know he’s coming from a place of helping. If you’re looking for a well-trained Coach to kick you into action, then I recommend Willie Nicol.

Jonathan C.             



I’ve known Willie for a few years now, through various business
communities and groups, and had several face to face business meetings with him.

In the last two to three weeks before Covid-19 really took hold and the
Lockdown was announced, I had found that the general level of ‘noise’ in my head was just edging towards ‘too much’. I stated as much at one business meeting, and it was there that Willie reached out to provide support.

The session was the following week and we got started almost straight away. I got settled in a comfy chair, and had the process explained fully. Then Willie started talking, and that was it, I was gone! Next thing I knew, I was “back in the room” and 40 minutes had passed unknown! And immediately I knew and realised that the ‘noise’ had gone!

Willie is very approachable, friendly and exceptional at what he does. That was my first session and I’ve not had my second yet, but the difference was night and day, and clearly noticeable to others that I worked with in the following days.

Willie has made a significant difference in my life, and to a large degree in my business as well, and I would highly recommend his services. The first part is to trust yourself, and if something doesn’t ‘fit’ or ‘feel right’ then get in touch with Willie and he’ll work with you to get it sorted!

Thank you Willie! 5 out of 5!

Jay Cramb                 



Willie and I work alongside each other at The Scottish Police Federation and I would not hesitate to recommend Willie. He is able to support officers leaving the force to make the right choices when deciding on their next career move. He truly understands their position because he has been there and is able to offer relevant support and guidance.

Emma Alkirwi                      



I had been going through a particularly trying time in my personal life which caused me to end up feeling totally “stuck in a rut”.

I’d lost focus on who I was and what I was doing and was struggling to figure out how best to move on in my life.            Until Willie was recommended to me, I never considered asking for help with any of this. I just kept bumbling along and had my head in the sand.

Willie and I met up for an initial chat and he asked me what I wanted help with. My reply after joking ‘everything’ was that I wanted to “get my life back”. We chatted for ages, then agreed on a course of one to one coaching sessions.

Throughout these sessions, over a period of weeks, I learned a lot – about myself, my situation and where I could make changes in order to get what I wanted.

Willie didn’t tell me what to do or think. He just helped me understand how I could move forward using the knowledge and skills I already had (but had forgotten about!).

At the end of the course of sessions, I did “get my life back” due to being more motivated in life, work and exercise.       

Willie was patient, insightful and totally honest with me throughout our time together and I’ll always be grateful for what he’s done for me.

I’d highly recommend Willie as someone who can help anyone who wants to make changes in their life. He did it for me.

Robert C.   



I reached out to Willie to discuss developing my confidence and self-belief, as well as managing my outlook on my career. Due to Covid-19, we spoke over video call whereby we discussed my concerns and then Willie told me what he could offer in terms of support.
After having a couple of sessions together, he provided me with some valuable advice and reasons as to why I might have been thinking the way I was.

Through various discussions and exploring different techniques, I feel that I have greatly benefited from speaking with Willie and believe it is worthwhile investing time in yourself.
Willie is highly qualified and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for positive changes in their life.

Johnny R.



Through conversations with Willie recently, his passion and positive energy shines through immediately. With a strong drive to help his clients, positive attitude, and ear for listening, coupled with his extensive experience in coaching and hypnotherapy, I would recommend anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life/career to get in touch with Willie!

Carley Mearns                     



I had a great coaching call with Willie this week. He is really knowledgeable, friendly and funny. I left feeling happy, confident and focused in my life and my business. Thank you so much Willie. I would highly recommend for anyone.

Lisa McAllister                     



Willie was recommended to me and he did not disappoint.

He gave me sometimes pretty direct feedback which I liked, and made our sessions informal and interesting.

He has the ability to make you feel normal when you, at times, feel anything but normal.

He gets you to put things into perspective and gives you tools on how to manage anxiety and help boost your confidence.

A genuine nice guy who knows what he is talking about.

Laura A. 



Willie was great in helping me gain clarity and confidence to move forward with a life altering decision. I found him extremely professional & understanding and would not hesitate in recommending him to friends and family.

John McAllister                    



I really enjoyed the time spent with Willie. It is clear he is extremely knowledgeable and cares about what he does. Having met through a mutual contact at a particularly challenging point in life, he was able to help me learn and use new techniques and methods to manage some personal and professional challenges which has had a significant impact on my personal and work life this year.

He was also able to help me gain a new perspective on a variety of things which I am hoping to build on going into next year and beyond.

I would definitely recommend having a chat with Willie to anyone but particularly Service leavers with a similar background or those looking to better understand and improve on the position they may find themselves in.

Roy Shirlaw